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'Sober Inspired Pirates (SIP)' ships with specific interests. You are welcome to join one or more of our smaller ships and you'll still be on the main ship! So, if you're on our main ship, the Freedom, and you're also a keen Runner, join 'Pirate Runners' and so on! You can join as many groups as you like, all Free! Beware! We have one landbased escape, The Jamaica Inn, read the warning sign before yee enter!  

FREEDOM (Main Ship)
The Black Pearl
Monthly Ship
Quit Sugar
Arts & Crafts
Women Only
Pacific Time
Mountain Time
Central Time
Eastern Time
Lights, Camera, Action...
Photography and Travel
Pirate Buddy Boat
Health & Fitness
Smoke Busters
Book Club
Football Club (UK)
6 Nations (seasonal)
Jamaica Inn
Desert Island
The Lifeboat
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